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    Real Estate Without The Hassle Finding your next house is simply a click away!
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    Real Estate Without The Hassle Finding your next house is simply a click away!
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    Your referral is the best compliment I can earn!

    • One of the best agents in lake Havasu hands down. I own a real estate marketing firm and Liz has been a client of ours for some years now. She spares no expense when it comes to marketing and getting the job done. Liz, also has a team of professionals that were there to assist at any time of my...Read More

      Nick Reis

    • Liz did a GREAT job finding a buyer quickly for our condo at a fair price. Her advice from start to finish was excellent. We have never had such a responsive realtor and highly recommend her....Read More


    • Liz listed our house and had it sold within a week. She communicated with us regularly and kept us up to date on any developments that arose. Liz had great connections with contractors in the area to quickly address any issues with the property. We have another property in Havasu and will be...Read More


    • Liz Miller is extremely knowledgeable and knew exactly what we were looking for. She helped us purchase our first house here in Lake Havasu and since then we have out grown it and were in search of something a bit bigger with a nice size garage. She kept looking and searching until she came ...Read More


    • Ms. Liz sold us the house that we just had her sell for us. she was absolutely as wonderful and helpful then, as she was now. she sold our house on the first day it was listed. she was great at the negotiation, in fact she was able to save us on a few things that we thought we would lose in the ...Read More